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Aries 32

Imagen ilustrativa del modelo Spigotec - Aries 32

9,13% perforation

Any model can be modified to ensure the perforation percentages demanded by each project

Areas of application

Concert halls, conference halls, offices, classrooms, nurseries, unique buildings, public buildings, airports, hotels, administrative buildings, shopping centres, universities, banks, leisure centres, auditoriums, theatres, radio and TV studios, cultural centres, libraries, cinemas, etc. EXPAND JOINT: 2-3 mm each 7 meters.


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Melamine | Thickness: 12 mm | Weight: 10 kg/m2 aprox.

Imagen ilustrativa de los acabados Melamine del modelo Spigotec

Natural Wood | Thickness: 13 mm | Weight: 11 kg / m2 aprox.

Imagen ilustrativa de los acabados Natural Wood del modelo Spigotec

Lacquers: RAL, NCS, etc | Thickness: 12 mm | Weight: 10 kg/m2 aprox.

High-density cladding | Thickness: 12 mm | Weight: Variable

Available in other finishes depending on project

The colour samples displayed in this file can vary depending on the product

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