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Image to explain Optimum acoustic conditioning

Optimum acoustic conditioning

The final quality of a constructive space is determined by several factors and, of course, the acoustic element figures prominently among these. Certain aspects like intelligibility, privacy and capacity are key considerations in places such as offices, restaurants, auditoriums, theatres, libraries, cultural centres, hospitals, unique buildings, etc.


NRC (Noise Reduction Criteria)

  • Generic for circular perforations: 0.55
  • Generic for grooved/ovoid perforations: 0.70
  • Generic for square perforations: 0.70

Average absorption coefficient

  • Generic for circular perforations: 0.43
  • Generic for grooved/ovoid perforations: 0.59
  • Generic for square perforations: 0.62

TRO Simulator

Fire response

When referring to fire-resistant materials, we are not necessarily talking about those which do not burn, but those which improve their performance in the event of fire. In this case, the Spigotec wooden ceilings and wall coverings can be manufactured with fire-resistant properties for spaces where security measures are needed in case of fire, in accordance with the demands of current legislation. These products with fire-resistant characteristics are called M-1 and B-s2 and comply with regulations UNE-EN ISO 23727 and UNE-EN ISO 1350-1.

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